Want to be a more intuitive singer? Is your keyboard, ukulele, or guitar in the corner gathering dust? Have an original song that needs starting or finishing? Bree is accepting new students of all ages and skill levels. 

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Among Bree’s many strengths is her ability to convey and transmit self-confidence. I had no choice but to believe in myself because she believed in me. Her belief in my potential and ability was unwavering and unflappable. It’s her superpower. 

Bree never once doubted that I would achieve my personal goal to play guitar and sing for a live audience even though I had never, ever done such a thing in my entire life. I was 54 and 1/2 at the time and barely an intermediate beginner on the guitar. In four months she took me from complete novice to performance ready. She even got me to add a harmonica to the set, another thing I had never done before. 

She set me up for success and I’m forever grateful. 

Danny Gordon, class of 2023

Student Spotlight

Calleigh McPartlin and Sejal Rhodes both grown tremendously as songwriters since 2020. They have both gone from singing  covers to becoming fully-realized recording artists. I have been there to help with theory, arranging, harmonization, and finding the right studios and pro musicians to fill out these gorgeous original tunes. Find Calleigh anywhere you stream music!